Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Overview of CMC CPE Programme

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


There can be various reasons why effectiveness in consulting can be enhanced or left to decay. Effectiveness in Consulting can only be with a good education as a basic building block. Greater importance will be by Continuous Professional Education (CPE) undertaken by the individual. It is of paramount importance for a management consultant to increase in CPE for his/her own benefit, as well as that of the client.


At IMCS, we aim to provide CPE courses in Management Consultancy as a component that will lead to Certification & CMC qualification and membership in the Institute.


Our programs offer specialized educational and training courses for management consultants through participation at 3 levels:

  • Management training seminar / workshops on the various management consultancy modules

  • Graduate Certificate in Management Consultancy (GCMC) Programme

  • Graduate Diploma in Management Consultancy (GDMC) Programme

Crucial consulting skills in all areas are fully covered in the individual modules.


CMC Re-Certification Criteria


In order to maintain an active certification status, CMCs are required to accumulate the required CPE and consulting hours in the last 3 years and maintain their own CPE records in the format provided in the CPE form. CPE should contribute to the professional competence of the individual member and therefore, as a general rule, acceptable CPE courses or activities should be relevant to the work of the member concerned. This will serve as evidence of their status as certified management consultants, an indication of their performance as CMCs.


Breakdown of the CPE Hours will be as follows:


Structured Learning

Unstructured Learning


45 Hours  

75 Hours

120 Hours


* As a minimum, a total of 45 hours of Structure Learning is required with a minimum of 15 hours annually.

CMCs are required to fill and sign a declaration form acknowledging that he/she has satisfied the minimum CPE hours required for re-certification.