Classes of Membership

IMC has several classes of membership. They are:

  • Fellow Members – FIMC
  • Fellow Certified Management Consultants – FCMC
  • Certified Members – CMC
  • Ordinary Members – MIMC
  • Associate Members – AIMC
  • Student Members



This class of membership shall be open to a person who satisfies the Council that he/she

a) has been a Certified Member of the Institute for at least ten years
b) has been actively engaged in Management Consultancy for not less than ten (10) years immediately preceding the date of recommendation
c) is deemed by the Council to have served the profession of Management Consultancy with distinction

Admission to this class of membership shall not be by application but shall be by recommendation of the Council ( in its sole discretion ) of eligible Certified members for election to membership.

The Council may, at its discretion , invite an individual who has been an MIMC for more than 10 years or an individual of good standing in the community whose expertise can contribute substantially to the achievement of the Institute ‘s objectives. Such individuals will be admitted as Fellow Members with full voting rights and are entitled to carry the title ” Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants ” or FIMC.

This class of membership shall be open to a person:

  • who has been a Certified Member or Fellow Member for at least 3 years
  • who is at age 65 years and above
  • who is not an employee of a management consultancy company or practicing as a Management Consultant at the time of application
  • who completes an application form hose application is approved by the Council

A person admitted to this class of membership will:

  • be entitled to use the CMC™ designation
  • be entitled to all other privileges as a Certified Member or Fellow Member, except voting rights at the Institute’s general meeting

The Institute reserves the right to restore a Non-Practicing Retired Member to a Certified Member or Fellow Member with all rights, privileges and obligations when he returns to full or part-time employment as a management consultant.