Q. Do I need to be a member of IMCS first before I am allow to do the GCMC/GDMC/CHRC / ECBM programmes?

A. Yes, you are required to fill up the form for Student Membership upon registration of the GCMC/GDMC/CHRC/ECBM programmes.

However, you do not need to become a Student Member if you are only attending individual modules.

Q. How do I enroll for the GCMC/CHRC/ECBM/GDMC programmes?

A. Obtain a Student Application form from the IMCS Secretariat. Complete the application form, attach it with a copy of your first-degree certificate and a cheque payment of the full course fee to the IMCS Secretariat.

Q. What is the entry requirement?

A. At least a first degree from an accredited university for the GCMC & GDMC programmes. Recognised Degree or Diploma in HR for the CHRC programme.

Q. When can I enroll for the course?

A. Each module is independent and you can commence on the programme at any time.

Q. What is the duration?

A. 6 hours per day. All the modules are held on a 3 full-day basis from 9am to 5pm at a local hotel.

Q. What is the period given to complete the programmes?

A. 1 year for GCMC, CHRC and ECBM and 2 years for GDMC.

Q. Is the Graduate Certificate/Diploma recognised in Singapore?

A. It is recognised in the field of management consultancy and internationally amongst IMC member countries.

Q. How can I progress to other classes of membership after successful completion of the programmes?

A. GCMC/GDMC graduates are welcome to join the Institute’s Associate or Ordinary membership, respectively, upon graduation when they have fulfilled the admission requirements. Please view the Membership web page for more information.


Q. What are the course fees for the programmes?

A. For GCMC, Per Module (M1, M2, M3, M4) Mod level Certification fee will be $2000.00. For a full 4 Modules package, the fee is $7600.00 for 4 modules excluding related membership fees. For GDMC, the fee is $7600.00 for 8 modules excluding related plus $600 for project supervision.

*IMCS Members get 5% discount

Q. Can I take one module first before I decide to do the full programme? If I do that, what is the fee?

A. Yes, you can enroll for one module first as a seminar participant at the seminar fee rate. Should you decide to go for a full programme, you must complete the Student Membership Application form and submit it together with a copy of your first-degree.


Q. What is the examination system?

A. Written examination in the format of fill-in-the-blanks and MCQ for all the full programmes. Candidates are required to sit for an exam for each module they sit. Plus a written project for GDMC programme. Candidates will be given a copy of the key concepts of each module for their examination revision. A percentage of these key concepts will be set for the examination.

Q. Can I defer my examination to a later date if I am not available to sit for the paper on the given date?

A. Yes you can. You need to keep the IMCS Secretariat informed of your request in writing.

Q. What happens if I fail the examination or if I am not satisfied with my grade?

A. To re-sit for the paper, you need to pay the Secretariat $50 being examination fee for 1 module.