CMC Certification Procedure


The certification process of a potential management consultant consists of two separate stages. In both stages, applicants are assessed based on his competencies in areas mentioned in the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), or IMC Singapore, Competency Framework at least twice per competency, each with different assessment techniques.

1    Documentary Review

    The first stage of the certification process constitute a documentary review which is to be executed by the membership chair and/or committee member(s) who is a Certified Management Consultant.

1.1    Application Form

Applicant is to complete, sign and submit the IMC membership application form and passport-size photo together with necessary supporting documents by email to and post to IMC Singapore’ address at 6 Ubi Road 1, #06-11 Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726.

  1. Form Details

The Application Form shall be completed with the following information:

  1. Information to identify the applicant (Personal Particulars, Employer’s Particulars, Area of Expertise of the Applicant and Employment History)

  2. The category of membership desired (Associate Member, Ordinary Member or Certified Member)

  3. Educational and Professional Qualifications

  4. Statement of declaration that the applicant:

    1. Has provided true and correct information without withholding/distorting any material facts;

    2. Is not an undischarged bankrupt and has never been charged or convicted in any Court of Law or detained under the provision of any written law;

    3. has never been the subject of any civil legal action directly relating to his/her management consulting practice for the past 5 years;

    4. has never been the subject of any consumer complaint filed with a consumer protection agency such as the Consumers Association of Singapore;

    5. Has never been the subject of any disciplinary action by a management consulting professional association for the past 5 years;

    6. Agrees that the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore) has the right to verify and obtain information with all parties as they think fit, with regards to the information and supporting documents provided by him in the application.

  5. Statement from the applicant confirming that he/she agrees to comply with the certification requirements and to supply any information needed for assignment.

  6. Management Consultancy Assignments undertaken in the immediate past 3 years & relevant client contact information

  7. Is proposed and seconded by Certified Members or Fellows and the Proposer must have known the applicant for at least two (2) years.

  8. Supporting documents such as:

    1. Copies of educational and professional qualification certificates

    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    3. Certificate of completion of M1 or any other course approved by IMC Singapore, if appropriate.

  1. Review and Verification of Application

Membership chair is to review the application for completeness. If the documents submitted for application are incomplete, the Institute is to request for appropriate information and/or document(s) from the applicant. If the application documents are in order, the application will be accepted into the certification process where the applicant’s academic and professional qualifications would be verified against documentary evidence supplied. Applicants for a CMC should have at least a degree or equivalent professional qualifications to qualify as a candidate. Otherwise, applicant is required to provide evidence that he/she  been engaged in a management function for an additional 5 years or in management consultancy activities for an additional 3 years, in addition to the requirements for an Ordinary Membership of 3 years in management function or 1 year in management consulting.

1.3    Review Results

    Results of documentary assessment is to be given to the CMC Certification Board, together with any indication of particular areas to be explored further.

The Certification Board may discuss any particulars of an applicant with the Proposer or the Seconder and those verifying his experience and/or training if appropriate.

2    Face to Face Assessment

    The second stage of the certification process constitute a face to face assessment with the applicant. This assessment is conducted by the CMC Certification Board members comprising of its Chair, an external qualified professional and a certified member of the institute.

2.1    Client References

    Prior to starting the face to face assessment, at least one of stage 2 assessors are to obtain references from at least 2 of the clients involved in the management consultancy assignments stated by the candidate on the application form. Client referrals are to be obtained either through oral testimony by telephone / confidential meeting.

2.2    Structured Interview

    A structured interview is to be conducted with the candidate to obtain detailed information with regards to the 3 client assignments stated by the applicant in the application form. At the end of the interview, each assessors are to individually complete an assessment checklist, which is based on the IMC Singapore competency framework, followed by a discussion to decide the overall suitability of the candidate as a management consultant. The checklists are to be filed to comply with good governance.

2.3    Code of Conduct Undertaking

    Candidate is to formally undertake to abide by IMC Singapore’s Code of Professional Conduct.

2.4    Assessment Result

    The assessors are to ensure that the information gathered during the certification process is sufficient for decision making on certification and for traceability in the event of, for example, an appeal or complaint. Both stages of the assessment must fully evaluate the candidate’s competencies on all of the areas stated in the IMC Singapore Competency Framework, at least twice using different techniques.

    All decisions of the Committee shall be simple majority and if there is a tie, the Chair of the Certification Board shall have a casting vote.

Upon completion of the assessment, the Chair of the Certification Board is to report the result of the assessment to the Council for approval.

2.5    Appeal

In the event that a candidate fails to pass the assessment, the Council shall provide a rejection notification to the applicant, including a specific lapse of time before the applicant can re-apply. However, the applicant has the right to appeal against the Certification Board’s decision. The applicant can exercise this right by submitting an official letter of appeal addressed to the Chairman of the CMC Certification Board and pay an administrative fee set by the CMC Certification Board for the processing of appeals. The letter must set forth the grounds for appeal and state the reasons the applicant believes the adverse decision should be reviewed.

Upon receipt, the Secretariat shall acknowledge the receipt of the appeal and re-evaluate the appeal for adequacy by taking into account the initial report of the assessment and results of previous similar appeals. If the Secretariat finds the appeal adequate, the appellant shall be notified, and a copy of the appeal shall be forwarded to the Council to request for the appointment of an independent Appeal Committee consisting of Certified Members previously not involved in the initial assessment process.

The Appeal Committee shall promptly come to a conclusion with regards to the appeal and submit its recommendations to the Council for approval.

All information with regards to the submission, investigation and decision on appeals shall be considered as confidential and not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.

All appeals including the actions undertaken to resolve them shall be recorded and documented for future references.

2.6    Certification

Once the Council’s approval is obtained, the assessment/appeal result is to be communicated to the applicant as a formal notification of the end of the assessment/ appeal handling process and documented as record. Following which, the Honorary Treasurer is to issue an invoice of the entrance fee, annual subscription and any special levy payable for the CMC membership, specifying the grace period for payment. An application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn if the applicant fails to pay.

Upon payment, the Honorary Secretary is to issue the CMC Certificate to be presented at a networking session in IMCS Office together with a copy of the Constitution and all the By-Laws and regulations adopted.

Ownership of the CMC Certificate awarded to members shall remain with the IMCS.

3.    Re-Certification

3.1    Criteria

    Each Certification lasts for a period of up to 3 years. In order to maintain an active certification status, CMCs are required to accumulate the required CPE and consulting hours in the last 3 years and maintain their own CPE records in the format provided in the CPE form. CPE should contribute to the professional competence of the individual member and therefore, as a general rule, acceptable CPE courses or activities should be relevant to the work of the member concerned.

As a minimum, a total of 45 hours of Structure Learning is required with a minimum of 15 hours annually. CMCs are required to fill and sign a declaration form acknowledging that he/she has satisfied the minimum CPE hours required for re-certification.

3.2    Notification

    The Secretariat shall continuously review the list of Certified Members and notify members whose certification is due to expire in 3 months to prepare for the re-certification process.

    Notification shall be accompanied with the CPE Form and the list of requirements.

3.3    Process

    Member is to submit to the Secretariat, latest one (1) month before the due date, the completed CPE Form, filled and signed declaration form acknowledging satisfaction of CPE requirement, and any other document if appropriate.

    Upon receipt of documents from member, the Secretariat shall forward the documents to the Membership Committee for review.

    If the Membership Committee conclude that the documents are satisfactory, the Committee is to recommend the application for approval by the Council. However, if the Committee finds the document to be unsatisfactory, the Committee Char is to contact the member and request for re-submission of unsatisfactory documents.

    Should the member fail his/her attempt at re-certification due to insufficient CPE hour, the member would be given up to twelve (12) months to satisfy the CPE requirement while having his/her membership status suspended. Failure to satisfy the requirement within the stipulated period will result in the striking off of the member’s membership status and he/she has to re-apply as a CMC.

    Once the Council’s approval is obtained, the re-certification result is to be communicated to the member and documented as record. Following which, the Honorary Treasurer is to issue an invoice of $50 for the re-certification process, specifying the grace period within which the applicant should make payment. The Secretariat shall prepare a renewed Certification to be awarded to the member upon payment.

An application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn if the applicant fails to pay. 

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